Friday, 14 June 2013


Patience is a virtue, or so I'm told. It's definitely not one of mine, that's for sure. The agonising wait for my latest purchase to cross the Atlantic, party a bit in customs and finally turn up today has been a nail biting experience. Would it get damaged? Would it be as amazing in person as it was in pictures? What on earth was I going to use it for? There wasn't a story attached to this one - it was bought on sheer impulse to celebrate a promotion.

It's a beautiful and contemporary one bedroomed apartment by the talented Phillip Nuveen. The art work alone is beautiful - but the little attention to detail is what makes the place look so real. How can anyone resist those marvellous lamps, for a start?

So, tonight I'll be sitting here smiling, wondering who will live here and what is going to happen to them.

It's one of the nicest pleasures in the world :)


  1. Ha! I was wondering who nabbled this! Well done :-)

    I found you through a link on my blog stats to the DHE forum page and am looking forward to what you create...

  2. That's just really made me smile. One of my future projects involves your wonderful knitted pouffes!

    The mini world really is a small place :)

  3. You are lucky! Yep, we'll be watching you...
    Oh--and that isn't supposed to sound threatening by the way. Ha!

  4. We can stalk each other! Definitely less freaky that way ;)

    Thankfully madness at work stops in exactly 2 weeks, so I'll be boring you all rigid with updates after that. Don't say I didn't warn you...