Sunday, 30 June 2013

Strange happenings

I must confess that I'm probably the unluckiest person in the world. If 101 tickets were sold in a raffle with 100 prizes, you can pretty much guarantee that I'll be the one left at the end. Yes, that'd be me - the one who wasn't even lucky enough to get the knitted poodle toilet-roll cover in the sickly shade of 1970s avocado green.

So imagine my surprise this morning, when I discovered I'd won a giveaway prize on MitchyMoo Miniatures. Seriously! That's me. Look right there by the gorgeous little hurricane lamp that Pepper has very kindly given me. I literally squealed out loud, and the cat has been giving me very funny looks all day as a result. I suspect she thinks small pieces of lego are on the loose again...

I think the lamp may well be destined for the front archways of Gulliver's. The plan is to do worn wooden double doors in both archways, with rusty chains and padlocks. Josh needs somewhere for his motorbike and tools, and it looks like that might be just the place for it. And the lamp!

Thanks so much, Pepper. It's really made my day :)

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