Saturday, 26 October 2013

Back to business

The lovely long summer days on the boat have faded into the crisp autumn reality of a new job and everything that this brings with it. The sad end result is that my poor miniatures have been long-neglected.

I dragged my long-suffering husband to Miniatura in September and bought a few goodies, including this adorable little blue tit made by Aidan Campbell that is perched high in the eaves of Gulliver's Bookshop. I'm also waiting for a certain delivery from the lovely Tim Hartnell of Anglia Doll's Houses as he's creating Meg's house for me from one of my earlier stories. I have All-Fingers-Crossed for a Tuesday delivery, so you might want to brace yourselves for an unbearably excited blog update, with far too many photos and exclamation marks!

The £100 house is still chugging away, although real life decoration has taken over momentarily. Once we've repainted my study, then we're full steam ahead with the innards of that one, including (I hope!) a DIY spiral staircase for less than £3.

Famous last words?

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