Tuesday, 23 July 2013

And we're off!

The £100 house is well underway, and now I've finished work for the summer, we've no excuse for not cracking ahead. The brickwork on the shop is pretty neat, but quite a few were damaged and needed gentle prising off and replacing. A bit of TLC and a generous slathering of mortar, and the place is starting to look pretty good.

Unfortunately, this meant I had to brave the garage for some paint. We live in a 1930s house, and the garage attached to it is woefully inadequate for a modern car. Admittedly, the estate agent was right, it can certainly accommodate a car - fantastic, as long as you don't need to get out of it. On those days where I'm longing for peace and quiet, it can seem quite appealing: "Sorry, Love. Can you deal with the nuclear fall-out with the kids? I'm stuck in the car and suffering dreadfully with only a sizey paperback and a G&T for company."

In the real world, the garage has become a multi-purpose store room/laundry/gym and home to half a million spiders, who seem to be swigging Babybio and working out. I swear, they're ten times normal size and square up to you the second you set foot in THEIR domain.

I grabbed the box of paint and ran!

There are all sorts of leftover sample pots from painting the Mountfield, and after a bit of rummaging, we found some ready-mixed render too. So we've stippled and painted the top floor in a cheery Farrow and Ball House White. The green woodwork needs to go - it's chipped and gone completely in some patches, so Craig & Rose Smalt (from the Mountfield front door) is being pressed into action once more.

With all awkward little joins between blue and cream, it's a fiddly time consuming job but it's brightening up the external of the shop enormously. More pics to follow when it's finished. In the meantime, what clever ideas have you all got for cheap or free roof tiles?

Cost so far: £30
Left to spend: £70


  1. What a great project, I am watching with interest.

    1. Thanks, Marlene :) It's a new departure for me - the hubby usually despairs that all my spare cash vanishes into mini-ing, so the tight budget is certainly making me look at the project with new eyes!

  2. I am enjoying your new project. I usually make most of my furnishings and such with bits and bobs I have on hand. Makes for challenging but fun projects. As for the roof, I like to use sandpaper, at least that's what we call it in the US. Maybe you call it glass paper? Anyway, it makes great asphalt shingles in mini.

    1. Sounds like you're just the lady for me to get to know!

      I did wonder about sandpaper and if it had been for bricks, I think I would have gone for it. The big problem is because it's properly bricked, it's getting something that looks equally as real for the tiles. I'm eyeing up plaster ones for £5.95 - not too bad for 500 slates and it'll get the outsides pretty much finished.